William Blake's Life Mask
Lowling Company, LLC
New Orleans, La.

Lowling is a New Orleans based company of creative individuals, dedicated to producing compassionate work that promotes the spirit of humanism with visual, literary and sound craft.

Projects In-Development

The Future

- Part interactive experience, part state of mind, The Future takes the user on an adventure on their own lifeline, challenging them to realize individual interests through collaborative game play.

El Sud

- A documentary on several indigenous cooperative mines, and the terrible beauty of the miner's hard chores.

A Journey West

is the story of a young man looking for freedom on highways through the American West.

Past Projects

The Dreamers

- A series of quick clock & dream plays. Performances were in December of 2017 at Mary Majak's theater in New Orleans. More Information & Tickets »

Five Times: One-Act Showcase

- Lowling and Mary Majak's presented new talent and work in a series of one-act plays from New Orleans artists. Performances were staged in Early Spring 2016. More Information »

Waiting for the Sun

- An original work by Blake Smith Bertuccelli. Produced in partnership with Mary Majak's. More Information »


is a meditative, post-apocalyptic feature film set in the countryside farmland of Italy’s Lazio region. Produced by Minimal Cinema.

Ongoing Projects

Open Screen, New Orleans

invites anyone to screen their short material at its monthly events. Visit openscreen.info for event listings and more information.

The Mug Review

is a journal of poetry, illustrations and translations. First published in New Orleans, October 2011. In partnership with Thermos Magazine (thermosmag.wordpress.com).

Momentary Studies

, a digital media project, publishes work that's guided by a single direction: “Just let go." Launched 2012. mmntary.tumblr.com. Recent studies:


Lowling is represented by The William Blake Agency. Through our agency, we have accepted numerous commissions for projects around cinema, media, art, design and the internet. For a full list of commissioned projects and agency capabilities, please contact inquiries@blake.agency.