William Blake's Life Mask
Lowling Company, LLC
New Orleans, La.

Lowling is a New Orleans based company of creative individuals, dedicated to producing compassionate work that promotes the spirit of humanism with visual, literary and technological craft.

Projects In-Development

The Future: An Interactive Experience

- The Future challenges players to realize individual interests through collaborative game play.

El Sud

- An account of the miners and the mine, cooperative ownership, copper and gold, greed, generosity, and the ever great fear of loss.

A Journey West

is the story of a young man searching for freedom on highways through the American West.

Past Projects

The Dreamers

- A series of quick clock & dream plays. Performances were in December of 2017 at Mary Majak's theater in New Orleans. More Information »

Five Times: One-Act Showcase

- Lowling and Mary Majak's presented new talent and work in a series of one-act plays from New Orleans artists. Performances were staged in Early Spring 2016. More Information »

Waiting for the Sun

- An original work by Blake Smith Bertuccelli. Produced in partnership with Mary Majak's. More Information »

Ongoing Projects

Open Screen, New Orleans

invites anyone to screen their short material at its monthly events. Visit openscreen.info for event listings and more information.

The Mug Review

is a journal of poetry, illustrations and translations. First published in New Orleans, October 2011. In partnership with Thermos Magazine (thermosmag.wordpress.com).

Momentary Studies

, a digital media project, publishes work that's guided by a single direction: “Just let go." Launched in 2012. mmntary.tumblr.com. Recent studies:


Lowling has accepted numerous commissions for projects around cinema, media, art, design and the internet. For a full list of commissioned projects and agency capabilities, please contact us.