Lowling Company LLC

Five Times was a showcase of five dynamic one-acts by New Orleans artists. The works werebe performed at 918 St. Mary Street, on April 1, 2, 3 & 8, 9, 10 in 2016.

Featured Works

The Rope*- The deterioration of a relationship after a new prospect is introduced. Written & directed by Milena Martinovic.

Splash Sponge Dark and Hidden Away*- Three bodies come alive suddenly and all at once in their bathtubs. Written by Timothy Adams. Directed by Christopher Givens.

Baby Teeth- The paths of three strangers cross at a local park bench. A set of Russian dolls changes hands. Written by Harry Bartle.

A Visitation*- We join a seance held by two habitual interlopers. Written & directed by Joshua James.

Synesthetics- An exploration of sensory unification that alternates between the realm of metaphor and visceral reality. Conceived & written by Cobbleslop Group. Directed by Bennett Kirschner.

*Contains adult content and nudity.

Production Credits

Five Times casts include Todd Kornick, Cherrae L. Stuart, Joshua James, Claire Givens, Christopher Newell Jones, Sheena Glass, Madison Kallisti, David Chervony, Emily Chervony, Abigail Feinberg, Christopher Givens, Justin Rolling, and Timothy Adams. Art direction by Daniel Miller. Harp accompaniment by Frankie Ford. Sound design by Jeremy Webber. Additional support from Aron Demastes and Madison Kallisti. Produced by Christopher Givens and Blake Smith Bertuccelli. Presented by Lowling Company & Mary Majak's. Special thanks to the New Orleans Film Festival, Deja Trudeau, Becky Durham, Tierney Brinkman, Colin Fleming, Kayla August, Alyssa Jordan, Tyler Thurman, Wild Bill, Pilar Poeschl, Stein's Deli, & Sadie Sheldon.